Pastel 9.0: the last map update has no voice over Bluetooth during navigation

(Already published in the help group of Google Maps, but there is no answer).

The latest Google Maps update on my Pixel 2 XL with Foot has introduced a problem. When my phone is paired with the bluetooth of my car, and playing music / podcast / whatever it is in the background, I can listen to the music / podcast / what is muted in the navigation points when there should be a voice reading the instructions of navigation, but there is no audible voice. If I'm not paired and I'm using navigation through the phone's speakers, the voice is audible.

(Note that music / podcast / whatever does not affect whether the voice works or not, it's just the way I can say I was trying to provide voice instructions).

I have checked my settings (Maps-> Settings-> Navigation settings), and I have the guide volume set higher, and both voice playback and bluetooth and audio signal playback are enabled.

Is this an error or is there another hidden configuration somewhere that was introduced with this update that I need to change?

If it helps, my Maps version is shown as 10.3.1 (# 1003101244), and my system is up to date (security patch level from November 5, 2018).