passwords – Has Wi-Fi piracy become almost impossible?

I have read about decrypting Wi-Fi passwords for a while and have used different tools, such as:

  • Airodump for monitoring
  • Aicrack to get the key of the cover files for WEP / WPA / WPA2
  • Reaver for WPS
  • Bully for WPS
  • Reaper and bully with PixieWPS for WPS

I've tried the tools in WEP, WPA and WPA2, where only WEP is capable of being cracked. The weak point of the routers was WPS, but Reaver and Bully seem to be outdated and I have not yet put them to work on a single router. From what I understand, you can not decipher WPA2, and the only way to get a WPA / WPA2 password is to have a word list, which in itself is an extremely bad solution. There is an incredibly low chance that a password is in a word list, and if we speak outside the United States, they do not exist. As the WPS cracking seems to be protected, WPA / WP2 can not be cracked without word lists and WPA3 on the way, does that mean that currently the Wi-Fi connection with WPA / WPA2 protection is probably impossible to hack?