password management – Bitwarden and gamecontrollerd on OsX Big Sur

I’ve been recently come across an issue concerning a daemon named gamecontrollerd in my OsX Big Sur.

On my laptop I’m running ReiKey (from Objective-See), which aims at identifying possible Key Loggers that leverage “event taps”.

Today I got this strange (and somehow creepy) situation: as soon as I started the Password Manager software Bitwarden, a warning came up from ReiKey. In particular, the presence of the process /usr/libexec/gamecontrollerd was highlighted.

If I close BitWarden, the process /usr/libexec/gamecontrollerd keeps running. I have to kill it through the terminal. However, as soon as I open BitWaren, /usr/libexec/gamecontrollerd restarts.

The presence of gamecontrollerd as passive listener of key taps apparently started after the BigSur update (there’s an Apple post here)

I know this may be just a coincidence (i.e., the start of Bitwarden and a key-tap passive listener), however I wanted to check with someone else who may have had the same type of scenario.