Passport lost / stolen, but the trip is before the 1-week fast-track service in the United Kingdom

My mother was in Brussels during the day and her purse was stolen with her passport. She must fly this Friday (1 week today) to New Zealand to spend Christmas with me.

The police helped her get her back on the Eurostar from Brussels to London, so she will return to the United Kingdom without a passport to travel next Friday.

I have made the appointment online and the first available appointment is Wednesday at 9:15 a.m. The website says "1 week of fast service for lost / stolen passports from the day of the appointment" (ie, it would be a week from next Wednesday!).

She has the following supporting / proof documents to take to the appointment on Wednesday:

  • Copy of stolen passport
  • Police report – Brussels
  • Test trip to New Zealand on Friday

Is there anyway Will they allow you to pay a fast service to get your passport that same day? (I have seen the services of the other day they offer, but not for this particular circumstance!) … Or will you be forced to abort your travel plans to fly to New Zealand for Christmas with me? #heartbreak

I am very stressed and it seems that I can not find anything on the government website where they address the issue of travel. before 1-week fast-track service ……….

If someone has been in this position or has some information to give me, I would be very grateful because I literally feel that I am going to get sick.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.