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You are asking what kind of servers, what to do to get assistance, books, courses and more. That is what would most base your business plan, so if you have already written yours, share it. You want all of us to do it.

"When it comes to knowledge and business, the more you know, the better you can find other members who found things that I did not find and how well I will quote in one of your publications"
The forums are based on participation. "

for the courses that I can remember right now I followed the cpanel track, Obtaining and administering its first 1,000 clients On web hosting, courses on udemy and, of course, a subscription to packtpub, I am not looking for spoon feeding
I also followed many of the technology documents that I mentioned, and secure webhostingtalk

for the server question, I know that a massive server will handle more websites, but it will be more risky in case of an infraction … and a small server will reduce the profits but it is more secure, but I would like to cover more angles and if I can find a thread that discusses it would be grateful because I could not find any

a test for my research and business plans some screenshots of my secondary laptop

although I still believe that I do not have to prove anything and those that were published just to show a good intention, a good business plan is never finished, it is always updated, this thread was created and I am sure that someone like you joined Them The advice of this forum of 2002 would help many passionate people who wanted to immerse themselves in the world of hosting. As I mentioned, if I want to start something, I would like it to be a professional and continuous area, not experimental.

and I will be more than happy to help other members and show them the research we did, our resources, what helped us and what was the same as listening to them, exchanging ideas or conducting a Socratic debate