partitioning – Dual boot or virtual machine?

So here is my situation. I am already using Ubuntu 20.04(primary) and Windows 10(only for school). Both systems are installed on separate drives in UEFI mode. To be honest I very rarely use Windows and the only reason I am using it is because some of the programs I use for school(and I don’t MS Office) don’t exist in Linux version. Also, one of the reasons I am asking this question is that I watched some videos about dual booting and many of them don’t consider this as dual booting (having every OS on separate drive) so I am little bit confused about that. The main reason I am asking this question is because I am planning on getting a new PC and I want to play some games from time to time(that’s why I want Windows 10 as secondary OS) so I don’t know should I go with dual booting(separate drives) or virtualization.

I know this questions has been asked (and answered) many times but I am new to the whole Linux world so I would appreciate if someone could in detail explain me what is better and why. Also, if for some reason you need more info about my current dual boot setup feel free to ask me.