partition – VMware esxi host partedUtil sector bit and block size?

Alright, things i did are: studying and , and also googled some other information about the “partedUtil” in ESXi.

I encountered doubts when utilizing partedUtil commandlines to configure partitions in ESXi 7.0 host but I failed to find proper answer for my own doubts.

According to figure below,

enter image description here

can anyone please tell me what is the measuring unit(is it kb?) of 16987000 and 17092000? (i know they are the “sector start” and “sector end”, respectively.)

additionally, how do i know the measuring unit(mb?) of block size for specific partition(such as VMFS Datastore or Linux Swap, for example) when configuring with partedUtil in ESXi??

The last question is: do I need to multiply “block size” by “space I need” as the space(between start sector and end sector) for the partition I need? or maybe the space between start and end sector is quite simple to calculate which does not need to take “block size” into consideration?

thanks in advance!!