page layout – How to deal with many subpages in an Android application?

I am currently developing an Android application that already has many pages in its navigation, so I do not want to add much more.

Now I have a page, let's call it market. the market I had many different positions in the market with different activities, in some you can buy things, in others you can participate in a lottery, etc. I need to show these activities (approximately 15) in the market page.

I did not want to just put them all on the market page directly because it would end up in a lot of scrolling (which is bad).

My second idea was to put a list on the market page with buttons with the name of the market stall (herbs, lottery, etc.) on the market page and create sub-pages for each market stall.
This does not require a lot of movement, but still it does not look good or it feels really intentional.

Is there a better way to do this?