Oxygen facial jet machine quote

We provide you the durable and credible facial oxygen jet deep skin cleansing machine whose price is not very high. Welcome to buy deep cleaning oxygen facial jet facial jet machine made in China at low price with our factory.
What is Jet Peel? :
Jet exfoliation treatments are highly effective in improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles, removing unwanted pigmentation and rejuvenating the skin in general. It is also very useful with acne, pimples and other rashes as it removes them quickly and effortlessly without pain or discomfort.
The kit can be used for the most frequent treatments performed on the face, neck and low-cut areas, also in other areas, such as the legs and abdomen, where straightening, deep cleaning and hydration are needed, such as hands, feet, chest, back, and even elbows.
How does it work?
98% of the skin is made of collagen. The older we are, the less oxygen our blood carries, which will not generate collagen. Meanwhile, the moisture in the skin loses a lot and the metabolism of the epidermis cannot be carried out normally. According to the skin renewal theory, the physical condition of the skin will be affected by the biological effect of the pure oxygen molecule and the sodium chloride molecule. With this machine, you can control the depth of skin treatment according to your requirements. The system will mix 99% of the pure oxygen molecule and the sodium chloride molecule into a new molecule of water and oxygen (5 200 μm) and then inject the mixture into the dermis or epidermis at a rate of 200 m per second . In order to thoroughly clean the dirt inside the skin and kill anaerobic bacteria, meanwhile, it can supply moisture, oxygen and other nutrients to the skin, regeneration and rearrangement of collagen is also generated.
The basic principle is simple; water or saline, is accelerated using pressurized air at supersonic speeds. A special handpiece nozzle breaks the accelerated liquid into microdrops. This microdroplet stream is used for cosmetic care applications.
Where are the cosmetic care applications ?:
Leading Jet Peel device, use Jet technology to offer various skincare applications. First, the Jet itself enables smooth peeling that cleanses and exfoliates the skin painlessly. These result in skin rejuvenation, deep facial cleansing (pores, comedones) and hydration. It is also very effective in removing age spots and hyperpigmentation, treating wrinkles, reducing scarring and stretch marks, treating acne, and a variety of other skin conditions.
Jet technology has transcended simple peeling to introduce a revolution in transdermal solution applications. Using Jet Peel, we deliver a variety of substances, e.g. vitamins, nutrients and minerals in the skin, without using needles, keeping the entire process painless for patients and completely sterile.
Main effect:
1. Scar removal: burn, surgery scar; acne pits, Pockmark, etc.
2. Acne removal: remove acne and inflammation, acne, blackheads, acne, and acne scar.
3. Skin rejuvenation: eliminate splashes, pigment deposition, reduce pores; whiten the skin; improve the elasticity and brightness of the skin; improving skin throughout the body.
4. Wrinkle removal: lip wrinkles, eye wrinkles; Improves glabellar lines, stretch marks, etc.
5. Hair growth: improve seborrheic alopecia, alopecia area; hair care.
6. Accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, reduce skin relaxation.
7. Repair damaged skin
Technical feature:
1. Non-invasive technology of rejuvenation with physical exfoliant
2. No need to set up the dangerous oxygen bottles, also can reach the pressure of 6-8kg
3. Unique sprayer design with strong pressure.
4. With recycled fluid compressed air and cooling plant.
5. Equipped with pulse oxygen spraying technique.
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