Output format: How can I get a smooth return?

I want to have two different types of new line to be able to print a chain that seems to have several new lines but that allows me to differentiate them. I want to have a chain with new lines in them and look for them using Regular phrase["...n...r..."]-> .... Basically there will be a big chain with a mix of short and hard yields, then I will have a lot of StringReplace[...] where north It will be captured and replaced by something and r for something more

  • Is there a way to have hard and soft returns in a Mathematica chain?
  • If I should write a string like "sdfsdf nadsad rasdasd", there is a function, let's say StringPrint["sdfsdfnadsadrasdasd"], which will convert the "north" Y " r" to your printed form? Note: For this I want to do an online evaluation by selecting and pressing first Ctrl + Shift + Enter do not Shift + Enter evaluation.

Get in is the key combination for [Newline] which north but since Shift + Enter is reserved for evaluation while it is a standard key for smooth return r. Yes [Newline] equivalent for r You can find that it would still make life easier too.