20 Private Proxies

$20.00 / month


Only $1 Per Proxy

✓ USA Proxies Location;

✓ Elite Quality;

✓ Unlimited Bandwidth;

✓ Fast Delivery



100% PRIVATE – Fully private and anonymous proxies makes you feel safe and secure. Highest quality private proxies provided only by Proxies123.com

USA LOCATION – All our proxies are USA located with multiple cities and subnets. The more proxies you buy, the more locations you can get with your proxies

UNLIMITED – We offer unlimited bandwidth for all our proxies – get full power working with all your seo, marketing, social media and business tasks

FAST SPEED – Enjoy up to 1000 mb/s speed private proxy servers with 99,9% uptime – this is lightning fast proxies speed that we offer with our proxies

IP:PORT FORMAT – We deliver proxies in ip:port format with ip authentication feature. Proxies do not have username or password, we need only your IP to use proxies

DATACENTER TYPE – Our proxies are datacenter type and non-rotating (stable) proxies. You can refresh your proxies after one billing period (one month) if you want

SEMI DEDICATED – Our proxies are semi-dedicated and shared with maximum of 5 users at a time. Speed and quality guaranteed with every proxy pack

PAYPAL PAYMENTS – Pay via Paypal (credit/debit cards included) for your orders – safe and secure checkout. You can cancel your subscription anytime if you wish so

EMAIL DELIVERY – We deliver your proxies in .txt file to your email. Just download and use you proxies with every program, software and browser you want

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