oracle – Index creation in extremely slow in Mysql Aurora 5.7

I have a table in mysql Aurora 5.7 version .

The db instance has very good configuration 488 GB ram (db.r4.16xlarge).

Data base is static data base no application is running on this .

I have 1.5 Billions record approx 2TB size in the table .

The table does not have any index except primary key .

Table has 35 Columns .

This table does not have any partition

Now i need to create Index on nine other columns and here i hit hard .
It takes 5 Hours to create one index and when i run command to create all 9 index at same time it took almost 10 hours and then i cancelled .

Is there any way i can make this index creation faster ?
Is creating 10 partition will help creating Index faster ?

Why i need to create Index on 1.5 Billions records is because i have migrated my table from Orcale Source to Mysql using AWS DMS service .

Before migration i need to drop index at target and then have to migrate so that migration will be faster and it is actually very fast .

Without Index migration took 10 hours where as with Index it is taking 25 Hours and some time it fails as well .