online – Getting Started Help: I want to build a simple real-time 2 player game with a shared map, both players can click and move objects, web browser

I’m an experienced software dev but pretty new (or rusty) when it comes to games, and current web technologies. So I figured I would quickly describe what I’d like to achieve, and hopefully get a quick point to the right framework/tech to get it started 🙂

So on the website, I want to have rooms with maps (and be able to create new ones dynamically), e.g. Only two people can join a room at once, and they play against each other.

The single webpage game is a static image (“map”) and the players can place, move (via dragging) and remove little objects, represented by a static image. Super simple.

Here, I made a small mockup:

enter image description here

That’s pretty much the extent of what I’d need to do. Load images, move around markers dynamically on a shared ‘map area’ between the two players, have a chat room, and be able to record all events in a log of some sort.

Alright, I hope that gives a pretty decent summary. I’m looking for info on big picture what framework/tech to use to get this off the ground ASAP. Thanks for any help!