olympus – Can I continue shooting when film camera counter was reset to 1 after opening film door?

First off sorry for the bad terminology but I’m a newbie and would really appreciate some help – I’ve bought my first film camera, it is an Olympus MJU zoom 70 from an as-is sale and everything seemed to be working fine.

I took 9 shots with it already but the lens got stuck while I was playing with the zoom functions. I couldn’t turn the camera off, and I read online that I should open the film door to reset the whole camera. I pressed the release door button (while holding the door down so the door wouldn’t open and films inside wouldn’t get exposed to light), and it managed to “unstick” my camera lens, but I didn’t know that it would reset the film counter back to 1.

I honestly don’t know how a film camera works, so questions below:

  1. Can the films inside still be used?
  2. Can I continue taking photos with it as per normal?

I don’t really want to get the film developed right now as there are still quite a lot of exposures left and it’s quite expensive to get it developed where I live. Thanks!