Ok … I've been trying to find information in Add pages

Hello lisa,
If you are suing FSB, access your control panel and then go to Content> Add page, this is where you can create your pages.
To make your pages appear in the top navigation, go back to your control panel, Template> Template options> Template options (again)> Top navigation links, from here you can add pages to your navigation bar and change the order from the same. as well.
You can also do the same in the bottom navigation by going to your control panel again, Template> Template options> Template options (again)> bottom. navigation
I have never tried placing page links in a sidebar, so I do not know if this is possible.

I can also warn you that when I started my first FSB site, I did not use WordPress, I built 6 pages of unique content, I created categories and added about 30 products. I edited all the products to make the text more unique and I also added the description of the category. But still Google hit me with a manual action, a thin affiliate site, so be careful, it took me several months to get Google to take the manual action. The actions I took were moving the FSB store to a subdirectory called shop and then setting up a wp blog at the root of the site, so far so good. I am thinking of setting up a robots.txt file to keep all spiders of the serch engine out of the store completely.
I hope this helps