nvidia graphics card – Can 9th gen Intel quicksync beat nvence on mid-range mobile GPU (GTX 1650 max-q)

I have one of these prosumer laptops with a quite nice CPU (i7-9750h) but only a mid-range GPU (GTX 1650 max-q). I often use it for video-editing.

Not very long ago, Adobe made updates to Premiere Pro, supporting now h.264 hardware decoding (and also encoding, from a previous update) on nvenc rather than only on quicksync.

While the system overall is now running more stable and less maxed out, video encoding and decoding actually seems slower using the nvenc rather than quicksync. On techpowerup I’ve read that

the GTX 1650 (and the TU117 silicon) features a multimedia engine that’s been carried over from the older “Volta” architecture.

So I wonder: is there any solid evidence that my CPU can actually do better on hardware-accelerated video de- and encode than my GPU? Or are there at least arguments that point in such a direction?

Edit: Unfortunately there’s no way I can test this directly, as Premiere won’t allow you to choose the hardware acceleration it uses.