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Hello! ^^ I'm not the administrator. Only an independent member of NUI Social who wants to share what I think will be the best MLM company.

I search the forum and I did not find the program. So I'm present beercheers.gif

I really believe that it will be a great opportunity. biggrin.gif If you have questions, I will try to answer them as best you can. biggrin.gif

What does NUI Social offer you?

NUCLEUS – Do activities earn points, exchange them for kala. Use Kala in REACH and get gift cards, products, services, computers, mobile devices, etc.

Kala – Own cryptocurrency. You can buy it until March 15. Later, you can find it in the change, use it in REACH.

Mining mining – Mining many currencies, the most profitable at the moment. Each week they will be changed to bitcoins. Get paid every week.

Retail rewards – Buy and earn points, get great discounts too.

Ewallet (in the future)

Travel (Coming)



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Symatri was created to help people achieve financial respite so they can achieve something better.

The concept of symmetry has a timeless appeal and is important in mathematics, science, nature, architecture, music, arts and literature. Symmetry refers to a sense of balance, proportion and harmony.

Sym- means together or with
We believe that there is a unique force when we work together, which creates a powerful synergy and great momentum. Together, we can achieve more than we can by ourselves.

Tri means three
Our vision is to help people around the world to have financial security through the convergence of the three key components of Symatri: CORE, REACH and Kala. These, like the vertices of a triangle, work together in a winning system for our Members. The triangle is one of the structurally strongest forms, capable of maintaining its integrity under pressure. The three components of Symatri work together in a strong and unified system.


Have a millionaire person (or more) to earn 500 dollars per month or more.


CORE (Compensation On Real Efforts) is the unique system in which users can earn by completing simple activities, such as conducting surveys, testing products or services, downloading applications, playing games, watching videos, writing reviews and more. In return, companies get valuable feedback and reach markets in a fresh and organic way.

Symatri has partnered with companies around the world to bring thousands of offers to our Members, and we are in negotiations with even more companies and suppliers. In fact, companies are now approaching us, wanting to participate.

With our licensed system, people will be rewarded for what they are already doing. Members will earn points in CORE activities and may earn referral fees. Points can be redeemed in the REACH market for products, services and discount gift cards.

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KNOW Kala The most accessible cryptocurrency ever made.


The kala economy

Kala's economy will be based on the same system of mutual benefit promoted by CORE. Individuals are rewarded in points for sharing their opinion. Then, they can exchange those points for Kala that can be used for a wide variety of products and services in the REACH market, and thus enjoy a tangible reward for their efforts. People are encouraged to participate and, as it spreads by word of mouth, others will want to join. As more people become part of our community, companies will offer more KEY activities that Members can do to earn Kala, in a winning cycle. These economic incentives at the center of Kala's economy will ensure that all participants can ultimately benefit.

As befits the decentralized inspiration behind the blockchain technology, the Kala economy will be widely accessible. It is estimated that there are approximately two billion people with Internet access or mobile phones that do not have access to traditional exchange systems. The merger of CORE, REACH and Kala cryptocurrency offers a unique opportunity for these people to participate in the Symatri ecosystem.

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Symatri has partnered with companies around the world to bring thousands of offers to our
Community of Premium and free members, who have the ability to win by completing
Simple CORE activities, such as:
• Application downloads
• Offer evidence
• Surveys
• Email sending
• Video views
• And more

LIFT: Small acts, great impact

Symatri would not exist without the return mentality. Our entire mission is focused on lifting, encouraging and empowering. Because of this, we have incorporated this mindset into our CORE activities and will deploy in the near future a simple way for the Symatri community to return and make a difference in the world through our LIFT (Leave Inspiration for Today) program.

Certain CORE activities will be labeled as LIFT activities. When a Member completes that activity, a large part of the income earned will be added to the Symatri LIFT Fund. Each quarter, Symatri will hold a charity event using those revenues to encourage, lighten and love the needy. If everyone in the community does a little, together we can do a lot.


Kala tiles are created according to the ERC20 specifications of the Ethereum block chain.
As part of joining Kala ITO, all participants will create a secure wallet. This portfolio is where the Kala tokens will be delivered at the time of the ITO closing.


Issuance of 21 billion Kala tokens (KALA)
Cryptocurrency based on 2 decimals.
a minimum of $ 10 USD and a maximum of $ 9,000 USD per person.

Those who wish to buy more than the maximum value of $ 9,000 USD can contact us at [email protected] to start the KYC process.

The tokens can be purchased with BTC, ETH or LTC. The purchased Kala tokens will be transferred to the wallets of all ITO participants after the audit at the close of the ITO.

Reservation of Symatri

Symatri will maintain an internal reserve of Kala that will comprise 64% of the total Kala issued. The purpose of the reservation is to support our Members and help them succeed. The reservation will be distributed as follows:

• 33%: reserved exclusively to exchange points for completed CORE activities, for
membership bonuses, and for association fees.
• 10% – Future growth, financing and investment.
• 21%: ownership and corporate participation to ensure there is enough Kala to support the
Members of the Symatri ecosystem.

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All this information is official from the whitepaper.

I really believe that it will be a great opportunity. biggrin.gif If you have questions, I will try to answer them as best you can. biggrin.gif

How much does it cost to join NUI Social?

– USD 125 (annual, in the future, you can do activities, earn points, exchange for kala and buy the membership)
– No monthly cost.

Link: NUI Social

If you only want to win with mining, you can join Mintange Mining for free, but:

– Minimum purchase: 25 usd.
– Maximum purchase: 300 USD

If you want to buy more, you must be a member of NUI Social.

Test mining —-> Mining mining

If you want to buy Kalas —-> Kala

Right now and until March 15, if you buy a kala, you will get another one for free!

I really believe that it will be a great opportunity. biggrin.gif If you have questions, I will try to answer them as best you can. biggrin.gif

This is a lot to write about all the things that NUI Social offers, it will take a little time, so I hope you give me some patience ^^

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