nt.number theory – P-adic distance between solutions to S-unit equation

Let $p$ be a fixed prime number and $S$ is a finite set of prime numbers which does not contain $p$. A theorem of Siegel asserts that the number of solutions to the $S$-unit equations are finite; that is, there are only finitely many $S$-unit $u$ such that $1-u$ is also an $S$-unit. Therefor for each such $S$ there exist a lower bound on $|u_1-u_2|_p$ where $u_1$ and $u_2$ are solutions to $S$-unit equations.

My question is: does there exist such a lower bound uniformly? More precisely, does there exist a lower bound for the $p$-adic distance between solutions to the $S$-unit equations that only depends on the size of $S$(and perhaps on $p$)? Here we are assuming $S$ does not contain $p$.