Node.js+Express project structure – conventional structure for outbound calls

There are common conventions for Node.js+Express project structure.

Here is an example from node-express-boilerplate:

 |--config         # Environment variables and configuration related things
 |--controllers    # Route controllers (controller layer)
 |--docs           # Swagger files
 |--middlewares    # Custom express middlewares
 |--models         # Mongoose models (data layer)
 |--routes         # Routes
 |--services       # Business logic (service layer)
 |--utils          # Utility classes and functions
 |--validations    # Request data validation schemas
 |--app.js          # Express app
 |--index.js        # App entry point

What’s missing in the above (as well as other similar example boilerplates) is a folder dedicated to outbound calls.

For example, a weather application could make api calls to a 3rd party weather service. Or, an RSS reader app could make a fetch call to get a feed by a URL.

Is there a conventional way to do it in an Express project?