node.js – Why my view block is not updated by Views AutoRefresh and nodejs

I used the AutoRefresh Views module to update my view once the content was updated but with the famous Ajax error ("There was an error trying to process / system / ajax") in Drupal 7 and no solution works for me, I tried to do ping php that did not work and is now trying the nodejs integration module.

  1. I installed and configured the nodejs module successfully and nodejs is detected by the Drupal status report,
  2. In my block of views, I added "Global: Autorefresh" in the Header section and enabled: "Use Node.js to update the view instead of interval pings",
  3. I create a rule activated when the content is updated, to update that view using nodejs.
  4. When I update the content, I see this in nodejs debug messages:
    [2018/11/23 22:07:07] Return route call: checkServiceKey
    [2018/11/23 22:07:07] Route call return: healthCheck
    [2018/11/23 22:07:07] Return route call: checkServiceKey
    [2018/11/23 22:07:07] Route callback: publishMessageToContentChannel
    [2018/11/23 22:07:07] Body
    {channel: & # 39; views_autorefresh_total-block_1 & # 39 ;,
    Callback: & # 39; viewsAutoRefresh & # 39 ;,
    view_name: & # 39; total-block_1 & # 39 ;,
    clientSocketId: & # 39; Rn1SjE7htaVarf24AAAT & # 39;}
    [2018/11/23 22:07:07] publishMessageToClient: Message sent to the client Rn1SjE7htaVarf24AAAT

    which means that nodejs is connecting correctly to my view block: "total-block_1" and try to update it without errors. But in reality, in my browser, the block is not updated.

I'm not sure where the problem is? Any advice?