node.js – NodeJS Websocket Connection to Multiple Sockets

On my backend NodeJS server I need to be able to open up and keep open 1-20k websocket connections at the same time. I will receive a small amount of data from these websocket connections every few seconds for about 4 hours a day per connection at random times. Once I receive the data I will be making a normal REST API call and sending the data to redis to be cached/mongodb to be persisted. How could I achieve this in a scalable way? The only way I can think of right now would be to store all connections in an array. I am sure the array would work fine for a few connections but I would assume it would give me issues when I have 20k connections in there.

This would be an example of how I can connect to the websockets:

  const streamingUrl = `wss://streamingurl/streaming/${uniqueConnectionID}`
  const ws = new WebSocket(streamingUrl, {
    perMessageDeflate: false
  ws.on('message', async function (data) {
    const d = JSON.parse(data)
    if( {
      const response = await fetch(url)
      const newData = await response.json()

I am wondering at a high level how I could design my backend to be able to handle this scenario?