no-www redirect not working / DNS A record

Per your response to LazyOne and paulmorriss, I can only assume that you have an incorrect DNS configuration. We can automatically rule out that it ever gets redirected to eshop just because it shows, per your description, leads to the domain company.

No where in and DNS entries that I have edited have I seen a wildcard entry (*) like you have above for your records. As anything (*) is automatically forwarded to your @ entry, in this case: Now I don’t know for sure if this can affect anything, but let’s go ahead and get rid of it shall we.

Now your main DNS entry, the A (Host) entry should be looking like this:

@            A  

But your www record should be a CNAME (Alias) record, as it is an alias for your main domain; Thus looking like this:

www          CNAME

Now for the catch: Once the redirect is passed on, who knows what eshop’s server configuration will do to the domain. It might become truncated to only show or it might just stay as is, I can only assume that’s out of your control.

Something a bit more specific to your situation: As you have posted, only 3 domains will be recognized by eshop. Is this why you choose a wildcard as one. By definition, a wildcard cannot become an alias itself. However, if you say that you can access eshop via, then either the site is being hosted on your host (or you’ve done something extra that your not telling us… etc.), OR they can configure it to act that way. And if that’s the case, then you’ll never know what’s working or not since they seem to be in control of things.