nikon – Is this just chromatic aberration? Or is something else happening in these photos?

fairly new to photography, looking to understand something happening with my photos.

I took these photos with an old Nikon D60, using an 55-200mm f4/5.6 Nikkor lens, with no filters. ISO was set to 200 and aperture was set as open as possible – which suggests to me this might just be chromatic aberration, but i’ve never achieved an effect like this in my photos before.

enter image description here
enter image description here

When I look at these photos, it seems like certain objects glow, object edges get blurred, highlights & reflections are harsher, and overall, it seems like a couple different things are going on. But of course, maybe this can all be explained very simply and I’m just completely off-base.

If these photos were taken through a window, would a fine mesh or net on the window contribute to this effect? If this mesh/netting was very close to the lens and completely out of focus, is it possible that it reduced the sharpness of the photo?

Any help is appreciated!