New search engine

Oh dear, another meta search, since we have at least 69 other meta search engines currently, I mean, how the hell do they all compete when they do everything they do?
is using the feeds of Google, Bing and Yahoo, most of the new goals are not even owners of their own data, so it does not make sense, there is nothing new about them.

The problem is that everyone wants a piece of the cake, but it's crazy when the world knows that the 3 best Meta are: Excite, Dogpile and WebCrawler. Look, we do not even need 3 meta engines, and
the only ones who did it well are Excite, its like a meta search combined with a Yahoo-style portal, and they did it from the beginning, not 10 or 15 years after another 69, and those 69 all share the same
Market space of the content of the results provided.

Personally, the best way to move forward for a goal driven by the feed is to do what Excite does: turn it into a content portal, surround what is not yours with what it is.

Create your own content, then place ads on it (not adsense, but real advertisers). But they all ran out of money and can not afford to expand, this is the problem or you would have heard about them constantly.
in the media. Some of the goals are very good, but the general ones do not make sense, they do not have guts, they are not unique and, therefore, they do not have commercialization capacity.

He used to love the Lycos: he had regular television commercials, and he abandoned his search on the web in favor of a portal style that went awry, and he lost what was once highly respected, what the hell is the search doing in these days.