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This is what I found:

Basically it's a free slots website where you play slots and get paid when you reach the minimum. It does not require deposits so it is not a casino. I remember that in the days before, several years ago, there used to be a similar French site where you could get PayPal payments for similar games.

This is the way to get a $ 100 payment at as fast as possible:

  1. Join through my link
  2. Claim "free spins" immediately by clicking on the claim button
  3. Go to "miner", run it and leave it in a separate tab to generate background turns. Choose 50% and only a few threads, so as not to use too many PC resources
  4. Turn as much as you can
  5. Claim free hits every hour
  6. Invite as many users as possible through your reference link to increase the number of free spins that are given every hour
  7. Complete offers
  8. Reach the payment and take the money!

See attachment 28595