New game of xbox / playstation Blog

Hi all,

I recently returned to the creation website, this is the site I have been working on for the last week, there are only 4 or 5 articles at the moment, but I would say they are everywhere. 1000 words and relatively dense keywords (around 1.5%), but this comes from someone with little or no knowledge of SEO. I am writing slowly about an article one day after work, but this should increase once I have finished with articles of more than 1000 words and move on to, say, news sections of 350 words,

The blog itself is an informative site focused on Red Dead Redemption 2, a new hit game for Xbox and Playstation.


Arthur Morgan is the main protagonist of the game and tends to write down everything he does in a magazine, hence the URL.

Any comment or criticism would be very appreciated, since I am aware that the vast majority of you have much more experience than me.

Thanks in advance,

I'll answer all the comments since no one likes a dead thread,