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Hello everyone, this hyip seems very promising and different from the others.

Project's name GOVBID

How does it work:

What should I consider before committing my Digital Funds to any contract offer on this website?
– To carry out your bidding process effortlessly, before implementing with any activity, it is suggested to add an available balance to your profile that can be withdrawn at any time if necessary. To add an operating balance, go to the "My wallet" section, and by selecting a "Deposit" button in the TRANSACTIONS area below, proceed with the desirable deposit amount.

How to make an offer to acquire the right of retention or bond of a contract?
– In your personal profile, go to the "Available contracts" area, where you will be presented with a complete list of contracts ready to submit an offer. Each contract has a different set of metrics, which will essentially define its potential profitability and the time at which it can obtain revenue in the form of the Margin Difference Factor (shown as M.D.F.).
Once you have chosen a suitable contract to bid, click on the "Join SUM now!" Button, where "SUM" is shown as a definition of the entry offer.
Once you have submitted your offer, the contract will be displayed in the "My contracts" section, where you can control the status of the purchased lot, as well as other purchased contracts.

How long do I have to wait before the M.D.F (Margin Difference Factor) is published?
– The contract expiration timer will mainly define the launch date of M.D.F. As soon as the timer expires, all bidders will be credited with an available balance, based on their bidding activity and the date of entry into a particular lot.

What happens if the contract expires?
– As soon as the contract expires (when the timer ends), it will no longer accept any offer and will remain active only for those who have previously acquired its terms.

So basically you'll see something like this

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As you can see, the first group contract is full of investors, so it is not possible to invest. In this example, you could invest in the other 2 (blue bottom space), one for $ 39 that expires in about 2 days and the other for $ 799 and expires in 13 days. The MDF is the return if you invest at that time, the longer the time until expiration, the higher the return.

Your earnings and investment capital are blocked for 2 calendar days and 1 hour, you will recover after maturity 7.69% of net earnings ($ 3) with $ 39 of capital. Total returned $ 42 (107.69%) after two days and 1 hour.

Once you have purchased your contracts, you will see something like this:

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Payments: PerfectMoney Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple

PLANS: The plans are variable and it is better to verify it directly because every day there are new contract possibilities. Anyway, they are divided into 4 families and are active from a few hours to a few weeks.

Homeland: $ 1 – $ 100 / ~ 108% to 112%
Public: $ 170 – $ 500 / ~ 122% to 140%
Security: $ 450 – $ 1000 / ~ 129% to 149%
Industrial: $ 1000 – $ 10,000 / ~ 145% to 185%

Minimum deposit: $ 1

List of processing times:
$ 10 -100 – Instant automatic withdrawal after 24 hours.
$ 100 – $ 1000 – Instant automatic withdrawal after 2 business days.
$ 1000 – $ 4,999 – Instant automatic withdrawal after 3 business days.
$ 5000- $ 10,000 – 12-hour manual check, after 3 business days of timer expiration.

Remission: 20% of income. It is not 20% of the deposit, so pay attention

Check and register

PS: This project seems very interesting, it is the first really interesting in the last 2 months in my opinion and I hope you can give us a new start after the summer, so good luck to all! If you have trouble understanding, I suggest you register to verify how the contract works. Cheers!