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The funds are still in the same wallet and
If I send coins from the wallet it will always be the same.
"from the Directorate. Am I correct?

Not quite. It depends on the amount of coins you send. Here is an example:

  • You have a direction A with 1 BTC.
  • Address second with 0.3 BTC.

Consider that you want to send 1.1 BTC to the address do.

In that case the transaction would have 2 outputs (A, B) and 2 inputs (C, X) *:

  • Departures: A with 1 btc Y second with 0.3 BTC.
  • Tickets: 1 BTC to the address do Y 0.1 BTC to the address do.
  • 0.2 BTC it will be your change, and it will be sent back *.

the since The address will be the collection of your income addresses (A,second, etc.).

*Some portfolios allow you to manually select which address should receive the change of a transaction.

*In some cases, the client will create a new address for the change.