networks – Stream DVB-C content to my network

I have exactly one big screen in my house, and that is the monitor of my PC. But due to the limited number of outlets (2), I had to settle for a pair of multiple plugs, which is not a sensible solution, so I keep them away most of the time. However, sometimes I want to watch TV and my house offers DVB-C, cable television.

I have seen devices on digital devices that would act as a "DVB> IP server". However, I already have a Mac Mini that is almost always online. How could I use that as such a device? What sticks and DVB-C software can I use, or is there a method below € 100 to do so?

My other devices are an iPhone XR and MacBook A1342 (MacBook7,1) with Catalina. Ideally, I want to be able to watch TV on my MacBook when I am in bed, since it is more convenient (visual impairment, having to lean close to the screen).

Do you have any idea how I could implement this? In fact, is this the Q / A table correct for this? I browsed through all the available ones but I wasn't sure if this was the right one or not.