networks: how to export WLAN 802.1x settings from one device to another device

I have a Windows machine that connects to WLAN via 802.1x. I want to use 802.1x with another machine to allow it to connect to WLAN as well.

I always thought it was as easy as exporting a WLAN profile and certificate using, for example, the Netsh Wlan I send.

The way "force machine" authentication works is by following
what machines (by mac address) have successfully passed 802.1x with
your machine credentials (for AD this is your computer / account name)
and applying a role derivation scheme that takes this into account
Consideration when they pass 802.1x authentication with their user.

However, as described in the previous article, is Active Directory authentication performed for both the machine and user accounts?

The 802.1x security configuration for my Windows machine is as follows:

Security settings

Authentication: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption: CCMP
Authentication: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption: GCMP
Security code: Absent
802.1X: enabled
EAP type: Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)
802.1X authentication credential: Machine credential
Cache user information: Yes

So, is it possible to transfer 802.1x from one machine to another?