networks – How do I make traceroute / tracepath without any administrator privileges?

Go to the right place if this is not the place for this question, but I need to do something like traceroute / tracepath / tracert, but I do not have administrator privileges and I do not have these utilities installed. I think the administrator could have deliberately deleted or disabled the tracert. All I have is Java 8, Python 3, cygwin and Windows 7. I can configure local environment variables (for example, PATH, JAVA_HOME, etc.) and I can put things in my home directory, but I can not do full installations. Do you have or know any way to do traceroute / tracepath / tracert given these limitations?

I am considering these repositories (which I have not yet tried), but in general most will not work given the above limitations:

Oh, also, I have Google Chrome installed and I can add these extensions:

Note: I need to test / verify things within my own local network. An online tool or service that runs in the context of a remote server (such as, for example, this Google Chrome extension) will not.