networks: get the same message while using Facepunch.Steamworks

I use the Facepunch.Steamworks for P2P game made in Unity, so I send packages through it (UnreliableNoDelay sendtype), but I have a problem, since I send a message like this:
Move: 0
and get this:
Move: 00,994
The issue is that the message sent before, before "Move: 0" was -0.994, so there is a question:
Why do I keep receiving the last message that is not zero (I receive 00,994 even if I sent more "Move: 0" messages)?
I use the same encoding (UTF8, tested with Unicode) in both, receive and send.
I also debug messages (in Unity, if it is important) just before sending them and right after receiving them, so I could not change them.
I think it's due to the way Steamworks sends the messages, but I can not find a way to fix it (except for one, when I ignore the messages if it's the same as the last one).
Also, if I stop sending messages, reception also stops, so there is no loop, as I see.
These are the results I get in the console (1 sent, 2 received):

Appreciate any help