networks: DNS can not resolve but can ping and use nslookup using FQDN?

First time you post a question, please let me know any advice.

So I have IIS running in an Azure virtual machine.

There is an internal DNS entry within my network that points to the IP address of the server, as it should. I ping and use NSLookup in the domain name and it responds as expected. I use the domain name on the server itself and it is resolved on the website. I use the IP address in the browser of the remote computer and it is also resolved in the website. However, when I try to use the domain name on a remote computer, it says "Network error (dns_unresolved_hostname) The DNS server could not resolve its requested host". It seems that the dns was configured correctly. I have no idea where to start solving problems.

When I checked Fiddler he gave me the error 404. Does this mean that the problem is within IIS? Why do you say there is a problem with DNS? Do I have to "allow" the VM to accept the request that comes from that domain name? Does the link have anything to do with this (although I tried to add the domain to the IIS site link)?

Any suggestions would help, since I tried to track the Internet for days in a solution.

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