networking – Hyper-V guest can’t access host and vice versa

I have a Windows 10 Pro as Hyper-V host. I want to use a Windows Server 2016 as guest for testing. The installation was successful, unfortunately the host can’t reach the guest and vice versa.

On my host the IP is assigned over DCHP from the router:

host ip assignment

host ip result

I created an internal network switch in Hyper-V:

hyper-v internal network switch

I have assignet this network switch to the guest system:

enter image description here

The IP configuration for the internal switch is:

IP = free ip in my network

Gateway = Router IP-Address
DNS Server = Router IP-Address

internal switch ip configuration

Inside the guest system the ip configuration is as followed:

IP = free ip in my network

Gateway = Internal Switch IP

DNS Server = Router IP-Address

guest ip configuration

The result of the ip configuration on the guest is:

guest ip result

When I try to ping my host from the guest, the host is not reachable:

When I try to ping my guest from the host, i receive a timeout:

Does anyone know what am I doing wrong?