Networking: Does anyone do universal wall warts with multiple outlets?

I am trying to put my network hardware in a panel cabinet, like the one shown below.

I have mounted a power strip along one side, and I have mounted a patch panel, switch, router, etc., on the back of plywood.

My problem is that each device comes with its own wall wart, and does not fit side by side on the strip.

I've made it all work, using multiple adapter plugs, but I don't like it.

Ideally, you should have a single power supply that plugs into the power strip and provides multiple 5V, 9V DC power outputs or whatever the various hardware devices require. I mean, these devices only need trivial amounts of low voltage DC power, it is absurd that each one needs their own bulky wall wart.

I'm pretty sure you could build such a thing without much effort.

But certainly someone must already do something like this.

Any ideas where I could find one?

panel enclosure.