networking – Can’t access anything on LAN, from my Windows 10 computer

A couple days ago I had a problem with a server that I owned, I couldn’t access a website that I hosted on that server from LAN. I thought it was a faulty router configuration, or that I messed something up in the creation of it. I came to the conclusion through trying to access my router gateway that my windows computer was the problem. So I got a laptop and tried to go onto the website, my suspicions were right. It worked perfectly well. So now I want to figure out what’s ruining my connection on my computer, throughout the LAN network. Here’re the things I’ve tried:

  • Deleting my Ethernet drivers.
  • Updating my drivers.
  • Pinging my router gateway and my server (both ended up not working and output General Failure and 100% packet loss).
  • Trying different Ethernet cables.
  • Trying Wi-Fi (didn’t work).
  • And changing my workgroup to the same one that I had on my laptop.

And I am connected to the correct router and all that so, if anyone could give even a simple troubleshooting method that would be great.