networking – Cannot Access LAN through VPN on TPLink TL-R600VPN

I would like to use my TP-Link TL-R600VPN router to access my home network. Here is a rough sketch of my setup:

Network Topology

My internet service comes through a Hub that has built in modem, router and Mesh WiFi. The LAN on this router is I have a couple of servers on this LAN that I need to be able to access while traveling.

I have connected the WAN port on my VPN Router to the Hub with a fixed IP address: I have put this IP address into the DMZ on the Hub, and am successfully able to connect to my VPN router from outside. I have also connected one of the Ethernet ports on the VPN router back to the Hub.

Here is the problem. The VPN router does not let me assign remote connections an IP address within the same subnet (192.168.2.*) as its WAN port. I’ve configured the VPN router’s LAN as so the remote connection gets an address in that range. Here is the routing table on the VPN Router:

ID  Destination IP  Subnet Mask     Next Hop    Interface   Metric
1 WAN1        0
2 WAN1        0
3 WAN1        0
4     lo          0
5     WAN1        0
6     LAN         0

I cannot reach the servers on home LAN (192.168.2.*) from a remote computer connected to the VPN Router.

What do I need to do to achieve this? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. One thing I should mention is that my Hub’s interface does not allow me to add any static routes, but the VPN Router allows static routes to be added.