network – Wifi failing after update to 10.15.5 – Macbook Pro 15 (2018)

I after an update to 10.15.5 or even 10.15.4, my WiFi has periodically been failing.

At first, I thought it could be my internet or access point.

At failure, I would test with my mobile phone on the same network using a speed test app. My mobile phone always had connectivity and faster speeds (about 40mbs)

I tried my iPad with the same results.

Internet would fail for 30-60 seconds then come back.

Finally, I have plugged directly into ethernet and I am consistently getting 180mbs

As a side note: I am running SONOS and it never drops. It is on WiFi.

I am using Google WiFi with 4 access points. I am getting a “Great” signal on all 4 WiFi access points.