network – Transaction relay and Bitcoin filtering

If a node has 100 connections to other nodes and receives a new transaction through a getData request, it sends an invitation message to its 100 connection partners, right?

Do you also send the invitation message to the caller that you just received the transaction as it is still one of your connected parties?

& # 39; Messages, in general, are periodically discarded on each
100 ms However, the retransmission of transactions takes place through "drip" messages. Bitcoin randomly selects with a probability
1/4 transactions for an inv message and stops the remaining transactions. Each neighbor gets a different set of random
Selected transactions, each approximately 1/4 of those currently available.
set. Only the "drip node" selected at random (see addr
message relay) obtains all transactions immediately. The other
the neighbors get it later or they got it from another neighbor. Dripping reduces overload and at the same time makes
Traffic analysis is more difficult, in a similar way as mixtures do.
In mixed networks & # 39;

I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding how drip works in terms of transactions. I thought the process was when a transaction occurs, the node responsible for the transaction would send INV messages to their peers and send the tx if the partners respond with getData.