network – Low latency wireless monitor solution (2021)

It’s 2021 and Wifi 6 is finally supported by Apple M1 MacBooks, so can anyone point me to a efficient (preferably dongle-less on the MacBook side) solution for wireless screen casting in extended mode (not just mirroring)?

There are actually multiple scenarios one could consider:

  1. connecting to regular (say Dell) monitor
  2. connecting to an iMac
  3. connecting to a projector
  4. connecting to a TV
  5. connecting to an iPad

but I’m mostly interested in the first two. Point 3 would we an awesome bonus.

I’ve tried many solutions but each has significant drawbacks, namely:

  • AirPlay (too slow out of the box, also can’t connect to ordinary displays)
  • AirParrot with Reflector (extended display feature is currently broken for Apple M1)
  • LunaDisplay (haven’t purchased as it can’t be used with regular monitors)

I’ve also seen many references to DisplayLink, but I’m confused about their massive product inventory.

In essence I’m looking for a solution (software license or a piece of hardware) that would be:

  • compatible with scenario 1 and 2
  • fast (mouse cursor should display little to no lag)
  • minimalistic (preferably no dongle for the Macbook, or LunaDisplay size dongle)
  • easy to use like AirPlay