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I'm designing a new filter on my search page, however, I'm a little concerned that it's over elaborated. Below is a screenshot of the filter. I had to replace the real values ​​with false data.

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

How the search works:

New search 1:

Checking & # 39; Online & # 39; the search will be executed. Once the search has been executed, the nested options (browser types), which are hidden by default, will be displayed.

New search 2:

By clicking on the chevron next to & # 39; Online & # 39; a search will not be executed, but this will reveal the nested options. If one of the options is checked, a search will be executed.

Nested options are hidden to save space.

I added the chevron so that users can refine their search easily, without having to search first at the top level & # 39; Online & # 39 ;.

My question is:

Did I over complicate this filter by adding the chevron that reveals the nested options, without running a search? Any comment would be very appreciated.