Need to sell an an AI server (8x Testla V100 32GB GPUs in NVLINK)

Hello all,

I need to sell an AI/Deep Learning server (DGX-1 equivalent). Does anyone know where, and how I should go about selling something like this?

The server is already located in San Jose, California.

– Processor: 2x Intel Xeon® Skylake Gold 6148 Processor (20 core @ 2.4Ghz)

– GPUs: 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 (32 GB) w/ NVLink hybrid cube mesh topology

– Memory: 512 GB ECC Memory

– Storage: 2 TB PCIe NVMe SSD (OS)

– Network: 10 Gbps Copper Ethernet

This retailed for over 100k and you’d be getting it at super cheap because I am closing down my AI startup and need to let it go.

Or if you could have any great ideas that can help us monetise the server I’d be happy to pay for your time consulting me what to do…

Thank you for reading…