Need links from all featured search engines
That list is really outdated.

Featured search engines, with an English version, as of July 17, 2017:

Bing – A redesigned version of MSN LiveSearch. Used by people with less technological knowledge to find Google. (That's a bit sarcastic, but probably true).
Duck Duck to win – A search engine focused on privacy. Mix your own results with results from other sources.
Google – A project of two Stanford students. Use the links to help determine the relevance, but you have the ability to rate the links to eliminate the spammers. Here is his article:
Yandex – A Russian search engine. It's not that popular outside of Russia, but it has an English version, so I included it here.

Less prominent:
Gigablast – A small search engine started by a former Infoseek employee because … because he liked to work in search engines. It still exists in some way. Good boolean support
Exalead – A technological demonstration for the French information recovery company. Good advanced search functions.
Yippy – It started as Clusty, a metasearch engine of clusters owned by Vivisimo. Vivisimo was bought by IBM and the engine was sold to a company that wanted to make a conservative search engine. It combines results from news sites with its own indexes. – He bought the EuroSeek technology and continued to develop it. Actually pretty decent. – A technological demonstration for Thunderstone technology. It has an automatically created directory and a news search engine.
WhatUSeek – An old search engine (1995) converted into a directory. It still tracks sites though, so it counts. Just track and index sites that pay to be in your directory. It only indexes sites, not pages.

There really are too many to list. For more research I might recommend:

Search engine category of DMOZ: – You need an update, but it's still a good place to start. – Lots of small search engines that share ads. I never found any of these that are useful. I can not recommend them; I'm just including them to complete.

I'm afraid even those lists are not complete.