name – How to handle names that could change?

I work in a business environment where most of our work involves adding custom integrations to a large existing (purchased) third-party system. Recently, we needed to attach a new attribute to an element of the third-party system.

To illustrate the situation (devised), let's say we have a ready-to-use system to manage the inventory, and we were worried that some elements would not move as fast as we wanted. The solution was to attach an attribute of "minimum units sold per month" to each item. Our API would verify and update the value, and also notify someone if it was below the threshold (for that element).

My question is about the name of this attribute of "minimum units sold per month". My first thought was to put it as a constant chain in the control of origin, since it was not likely to change (and if it did, it would not be the end of the world). In general, everything was written enough so that it was only necessary to place it in one place.

My colleague wanted to turn it into a configurable chain in our administration portal (used to configure things that change often).

I did not find it a great solution because it was adding additional complexity, but he said it was easy and that it could change.

Is it worth that complexity? Is there a better solution that none of us has thought of?