mysql – Is there a way to improve performance here using No Exists?

I have three tables A table has information about users, such as their name, biography, age, etc. The primary key is just the ID field. The second table shows the people that users follow (user_following) and the third table is for storing relationships with people who follow me (user_followers).

I want to find information about those users that have been removed from both tables.

Users can have large IDs and, therefore, the ID column is varchar with a maximum length of 25 characters as of now.

My query is this:

select * 
FROM followers_info finfo 
LEFT JOIN user_followers uf 
    ON uf.follower_id = finfo.follower_id 
LEFT JOIN user_following fing 
    ON fing.follower_id = finfo.follower_id 
WHERE uf.follower_id IS NULL 
  AND fing.follower_id IS NULL

The explanatory results of this query are attached:
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Is there any way to improve performance here?