mysql – How to get the last identifier inserted in a specific table? LAST_INSERT_ID ()

I have 2 tables, one that is usuarios and the other usuarios_cuentas, both tables use AUTO_INCREMENT for ids, in the table usuarios the personal data of the users (name, surname, date of birth, sex) is saved and in the table usuarios_cuentas the user's email and password are saved, but for that I need to get the id generated in the table usuarios and assign it as a foreign key in the table usuarios_cuentasHow do I get the last id generated?

I could immediately make another query based on the user's data to obtain the id, but in a table of users with thousands of records it may be that two people have the same name, surname, date of birth, sex, so that option would be discarded.

I found the following query to get the last id generated:


But this query gets the last id generated at the level of the entire database and I need to get the last id generated in a specific table.