mysql – Can my server handle 12,000 database requests per minute?

First of all, apologies if this is a silly question. I have never really had to manage servers and databases, on a "large scale", that is.

Either way, to the question. I'm trying to find out if our current server can handle 12,000 database requests per minute. (Once again, I do not know if this is a lot, I guess it's mid-range). I'm estimating that 2/3 of the 12,000 requests will be simple SELECT Consultations from super small tables. No more than 20,000 rows in a table. I made a point to prune them regularly. LAMP Stack.

The hardware and software specifications of the server are shown below:

Processors – Intel Haswell 2095.050 MHz

Memory – usable 7.45gb

Storage – 80GB SSD

OS- Ubuntu, CentOS 7




PHP – 7.2.7

The database is stored on the same server where the files are served.

If this server is capable of this, how much more can it be pushed to the server?

Thanks in advance (and excuse me if this seems like a silly question)