MySidePay Payment Processor Review – Payment Processors

My Side Pay is an online electronic currency payment system that allows you to make instant payments and money transfers safely around the world

The My Side Pay system is very similar to the popular freedom reserve that was closed by the US government. UU for money laundering.

Features of the MSP e-currency provider.

§ Receive payments from several online internet companies, including hyips

§ Send payments to several companies online

§ Buy goods and services online using perfect money

§ Buy gold, USD and EUR coins online

§ Make quick transactions between perfect money members.

§ Security of funds with the help of identity verification, SMS authentication, code card protection and domain security.

§ Ability to obtain instant funds from any perfect money account through the option of payment with e-voucher.

§ Android and iPhone OS applications

§ Detailed account statement and report

Deposit and withdrawal methods in MySidePay

The MSP payment system gives you a large number of financing and withdrawal options to allow you to make instant transactions without any obstacles.

Financing options: Bank transfer, instant bank transfer, certified exchange partners, cash terminals, debit cards, other electronic currencies, instant SMS deposit, prepaid MSP / e-voucher card.

Withdrawal options: Bank transfer, MSP prepaid card / electronic coupon, other electronic currencies, Visa / Master-card gift cards and certified exchange partners.

MySidePay Pros

§ Instant transactions of deposits and withdrawals.

§ Many options for deposits and withdrawals.

§ Security of funds

§ Flexible transactions between hyip programs

Cons of MySidePay

§ There are not many real Internet companies that accept the perfect money, as in the case of the freedom reserve.

§ Excessively high rates of up to 0.5% (only in withdrawals)

§ All transactions can be final

§ Do not accept American customers

MySidePay registry

Registering in MSP is a simple process, only Click here, look for the registration link at the top of the page and complete the following form.