My website has not been indexed for two years.

Hi all ,

I set up my website with domain: 2 years ago and it was indexed well by google but bing did not index it and it reached the 140000 rank of alexa but google punished me due to multiple copyright claims and I had to change to the second domain: I'm still working with this domain and I have 12000 pages indexed in Google but zero in Bing.

1-I set up another copy of my website in this domain: but now all my domains are redirecting to
2-someone from Russia copied my website in more than 10 domains for 4 months, but I gave a kick in the butt with 2 lines of script code and now I can say that my content is unique on the web.

The bing support gave me a guide and told me that their problem could be duplicate content.

please check my domain and it's the twenty-seven year wordpress theme and if you see something wrong, let me know, maybe Bing will start indexing me.

thanks for your help