My method: get to page 1 on Google

Recently, I've been classifying some of my sites with average competency keywords to the first page of Google, and the way I do it is pretty simple.

Basically, what I'm doing is directing large volumes of quality traffic to my sites. After only 2 weeks of doing this, I am now getting a large volume of organic traffic and making sales. For the investment I made 10 times my money back. I plan to point to more keywords, and rinse and repeat.

Traffic is key to the ranking. You can spend months and months doing SEO and we hope to position you and not be slapped by Google, or you can stay under Google's radar and only direct traffic.

If you go to, that's where I get my traffic to all my sites. Usually, I'll point to 6 keywords every 2 weeks and once I get to page 1, 1 goal 6 more. I buy 1 domain directed by keyword for the 6 keywords. The 6 keywords have the destination URL keyword in it.

For example, my domain is – bestfishfood, c0m url target centered on "fish fish"

Examples of keywords to which I direct traffic: cheap fish food, organic fish food, fish food for golden fish

You have the idea Of course you want the search volume to be medium. If you try this and it does not appear on page 1, you are using a keyword that is too difficult to classify. Change your keyword